Why Choose Us?

We’re sure you already know that California has some of the toughest auto emissions testing requirements around. If your car won’t pass a California smog test, you’re just going to have to park it because it won’t be legally drivable. And as tough as the state is on vehicles, they’re every bit as tough on the shops that do the inspections and certifications.smog

That’s why you should come to Auto Express of Sacramento.

When you come to us for a smog inspection, you can count on:
  • ASE-certified technicians
  • Lowest prices anywhere
  • All work fully warrantied for six months
  • 25 years’ experience in auto repair and emissions work

Your engine control computer and onboard diagnostics (OBD) system manages fuel metering, ignition timing, transmission shift points, emissions and other variables. It also stores information on the condition of the emissions control system; if there’s  a problem with emissions or other drivability factors, it will be stored in the OBD and will usually illuminate the Check Engine light on your dashboard.

Every other year, your vehicle will need to be tested for smog-forming pollutants. If you drive a vehicle newer than model year 2000, the testing can be done entirely through diagnostics, rather than a traditional tailpipe probe. Vehicles older than model year 1999 will still be subject to a tailpipe probe test as well as a computer diagnostic/OBD test.

While hybrid vehicles use batteries and an electric motor for part of their power, their internal combustion engines still need to be in compliance with smog regulations. At Auto Express of Sacramento, our auto repair technicians are experienced with emissions tests for hybrids as well.

Vehicles older than model year 1976 are exempt from emissions testing, as are vehicles that are less than six model years old.

We know what we’re doing when it comes to auto repair and smog tests, and we feel confident that we know it better than anyone else around. If your smog test is about to come due, make an appointment with us at Auto Express of Sacramento. Why go anywhere else? 

Give us a call at 916-442-5532 for any of your maintenance and repair needs.