Why Does My Car's A/C Blow Warm Air?

August 10th, 2016

You turn on your A/C and it seems like it's blowing air that's barely cooler than the hot air outside. Or,  it blows cool-ish air while you're moving, only to have it blow warm air again when you come to a stop. Why is this happening?Air Conditioning Repair in Sacramento CA

   There can be several reasons this happens. People tend to think that low refrigerant level is the be-all and end-all for this problem, and usually that's correct. It's normal for the system to lose about five percent of its Freon over a year's time, making an a/c recharge a regular part of spring maintenance. If it's losing Freon quickly, though, it has to be escaping from somewhere.

We recommend have the system checked for mechanical problems or leaks. Leaks can occur at the compressor, seals, lines, the condenser, evaporator or really anywhere in the A/C's closed-loop system. Overpressurizing the system by adding too much Freon can lead to more problems, causing tiny O rings to leak or causing other parts to fail. Buying unnecessary parts or over adding Freon can be costly, which is why it's important to be certain where the problem lies before going any farther. 

At Auto Express of Sacramento, CA, we use the Bacharach detection system which can detect the tiniest of pin holes and drops in system pressure. While refrigerant contains a fluorescent dye which helps detect leaks, the Bacharach system has a higher degree of accuracy and can quickly help pin down problems.

This will tell us if everything is in working order or needs attention. It's important to remember that Freon refrigerant also contains a light oil which keeps the compressor lubricated. If you continually run the system with an insufficient amount of Freon, it can destroy the compressor by depriving it of lubrication -- and in some cases, the compressor can come apart and send fragments of metal through the rest of the system, effectively causing much bigger problems. 

At Auto Express of Sacramento, we're certified and experienced in A/C service and repair, and we back all our work with a guarantee. Don't suffer through the hot months in a stuffy car -- make an appointment with us today! 

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