Why Come to Auto Express of Sacramento for Smog Inspections?

February 25th, 2017

As a driver in California, you already know that our state has some of the most stringent air quality laws of any state in the union That, of course, translates to some Smog Test in Sacramento CA pretty tough auto emission standards as well.

So, why come to Auto Express Sacramento for your smog tests?

Auto Express Sacramento is fully accredited and licensed by the State of California, not only for smog inspections but for emissions-related repairs. We know exactly what your vehicle needs to bring it into compliance with state emissions standards.

Our technicians are all ASE-certified; the blue ASE patch means that a technician has to stay current on the latest technologies with continuing education and recertification at regular intervals.

We have decades of experience in smog testing and emissions repair and can leverage that experience and knowledge when it comes time to renew your vehicle’s inspection sticker.

Vehicle emissions are controlled and managed by the engine control computer, and an illuminated Check Engine light is the first sign that you may not be able to pass inspection. At Auto Express of Sacramento, we know how to read between the lines and ascertain what might have caused that trouble code that’s illuminated your Check Engine light in the first place.

One thing is for sure…you won’t be able to legally drive on the roads in California without that sticker. Don’t go anywhere else when it’s time to renew your smog inspection; make an appointment with us at Auto Express of Sacramento and we’ll make sure it’s done right.  

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