What's Happening With My Brakes?

September 29th, 2016

So lately you’ve noticed that your brakes “feel” different and are making some noises.Brake Repair in Sacramento CA

In many cases, you may hear a clicking noise that increases with speed, a squealing or groaning noise or a metal-to-metal grinding sound. These aren’t the only signs, however, that your brakes might need service. In fact, with the hard ceramic or semimetallic material of newer brake pads, a certain amount of noise isn’t unusual.  Other symptoms can include:

-Steering wheel pulls to one side while braking

-Shake or pulsation through pedal or steering wheel while braking

-Excessive brake pedal travel

-Brake pedal feels “soft” or “spongy” underfoot

-Longer stopping distances

These are all signs that shouldn’t be ignored, and should be serviced by professionals soon!

We’ll start with a test drive, then pull off the wheels and have a closer look at the problem. In most cases, it’s worn brake pads that are at fault. Brake pads can last 40-60,000 miles and it can be hard to notice when brake pads have worn to a point where they need service. One thing is for certain, though – a metal-to-metal grinding noise is bad news. It means that either your brakes have worn to the point where the wear indicators are dragging on the rotors, or the pads have worn down to their metal backing plates.

Not all brake pads are created equal. Cheaper pads simply will not wear and last as long as good-quality pads. At Auto Express of Sacramento, we use the same pads you’ll find on police cars, ambulances and other vehicles where brake performance is crucial, and that’s what you can depend on with us.

Note that pads aren’t always the problem. Sometimes there can be issues with the brake calipers, the rotors, vacuum problems or brake lines. That’s why it’s so important that your brakes be serviced by trained and certified professionals. Brake problems? Make an appointment with us today! 

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