What's Happening With My Brakes?

September 29th, 2016
Not only are your brakes not performing very well, but they're making a horrible noise. What's going on with that?
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Brake Repair – Don’t Put It Off!

May 5th, 2016
Now, really…have you ever known anything that just got better on its own, with you doing nothing about it? Probably not!
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Brake Replacement – Or Repair?

April 13th, 2016
If you’ve got a health problem that’s troubling you – let’s say your blood pressure is consistently too high, your knee hurts like crazy or you’re having dizzy spells – chances are you’ll go see a doctor for it, right? It’d be great if we had the same sort of diligence about keeping our vehicles maintained, but too often we just don’t. We tend to slam the hood and forget about it, and take things for granted for far too long, far too often.
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Brake Questions -- Answered!

December 7th, 2015
At Auto Express of Sacramento, CA, we occasionally see customers who have some questions about their brakes. We’d like to take a moment to clear up a few common questions and misconceptions about brake systems and brake performance.
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Fall into Improved Auto Repair

October 16th, 2014

auto repair sacramento caDrivers in Sacramento, CA looking to improve vehicle safety this fall, stop by Auto Express for prompt and dependable auto repair that will keep your vehicle on the road this season. Servicing all makes, models and budgets, Auto Express is eager to show customers how routine auto repair can provide drivers both better handing and sounder peace of mind when traveling. Through simple auto repairs such as: brake repair, smog inspections and transmission repair, Auto Express of Sacramento, CA can ensure any vehicle is prepared for seasonal changes and holiday travel. Planning ahead with routine auto repairs from Auto Express will guarantee both vehicle longevity and sustainability.

Consult Auto Express for all auto repair concerns, as knowledgeable technicians look forward to helping customers achieve their most relia ...[more]

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